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Hello dear folks,

My name is Anh-Tuan LE.
Born in late August 1975 in Viet-Nam. Been living for 18 years in France (1987-2005).
Now living in Montreal, Quebec – Canada, since mid-2005

My interests in life are traveling, photographing, computing, playing computer games, manga/anime, martial arts and more.
My job is in Computer Science area, which is also one of my hobbies. I like Web-related subjects and I like developing Web-based tools/applications.

Feel free to visit my other websites,
mostly about my passion for photography
and photos “work” gallery:

  1. on Picasa
  2. on photobucket
  3. my photos on DeviantArt
  4. on Photo.net
  5. on Photosig
Picasa slideshow

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