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Responsive web design (RWD) – Site Web Adaptif

Useful links to learn/read and apply about this topic, both in English and French:

“Modern” PHP Programming…

It just makes me crazy and nuts how the modern PHP Programming can seem complex to me when it supposes to be simpler. Well it should and would be after a long and hard learning and hours, days, weeks of practising, I guess for unskilled yet Web lovers like me.

Lately, my experiences in hurry with Symfony (v1.4, does the number matter at this stage?!?) drove me crazy and made me think I’m dumb stupid useless retard ūüėČ The huge¬†MVC¬†Framework is supposed to make things easier and therefore apply kind of Rapid Application Development – RAD, MVC, Doctrine, YAML and probably more features I didn’t figure out or use yet. After 10 days to 2 weeks of trying to get along with, I came out more confused even if I know more after and now than when I started. I have to start over and finish learning more about the “basics” before going further and deeper with such a powerful tool and oriented power-developpers that I’m not, maybe never, actually!!! One of the reasons why I simply quitted my job after 2 crazy weeks for I don’t want to be pushed and dived too quickly further without mastering the tool and making bad coding due to that fact. Lots of Frustrations in the end.

Anyway, here are some useful links….

More on PHP | Netttuts+


Lately, I have to face to the modern way (to me) in developing today¬†Websites . And one of the new ways is to use the architecture MVC, Model – View – Controler. There’re also barbarian words such as JSON, AGILE, etc.

So what exactly is this MVC pattern everyone keeps talking about, and why should you care? MVC is much more than just a three-letter acronym (TLA) that you can whip out anytime you want to sound smart; it has become something of a standard in the design of modern web applications.

With PHP 5 and its advanced OOP features, it comes more to life to know such of architecture. As I’m so far inexperienced in that, I found few links that I’d like to share with you:

About Free Web Hosting…

Hi all,

By this post, I’d like to share my recent experiences regarding the Free Web Hosting.

In fact, I’ve been searching so hard to get some free web hosts/servers (with no ads, FTP upload, PHP/MySQL, domain/sub-domain, good rating) to be able to test and make few web developments for myself and my potential and future customers.

And I found out al least 2 excellent ones thanks to http://www.free-webhosts.com/webhosting-01.php and  http://www.free-webhosts.com/free-unlimited-webspace.php

and http://www.kommunauty.fr/liste-hebergement-gratuit-sans-pub and http://www.commentcamarche.net/faq/1624-choisir-un-hebergeur-gratuit-ou-payant#hebergeurs-gratuits

It comes out that I tested :

  1. x10Hosting – http://x10hosting.com/
  2. FreeHostingCloud – http://www.freehostingcloud.com/

The websites and the registration systems are very professional without mentionning that once I get the emails and accounts to get into serious “business”, I found very nice interfaces, FTP access is smooth, features are comfortable to get, access and use.

Here are the links to my jobs done so far :

Add Power to Your PHP With Multi-Tiered Applications

As PHP applications become more and more complex, it can be easy to end up with a tangled mess of code that makes maintenance nearly impossible. Applying the concept of tiered applications can help to alleviate some of the difficulty in maintaining complex applications.

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