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Some Great OST

Michael McCann – Icarus (Piano Version), in Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game

Adele 4Ever!

Windows 7: Unable to Access Remotely Administrative Shares

If like me, you encountered this all of sudden issue around the period of June 2011, you might need to apply all the latest updates and give the follwoing a try, it worked out for me :

Enable Hidden Administratrative Shares on Windows 7

Make the following a registry file and then open or directly modify the registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


After this change, the “Server” service must be restarted.

Or simply Reboot your PC to have it take into account, of course.

SC2, SC2Ranks.com & Me…

Just added a personal list with Pro-Gamers I enjoy watching their games : http://www.sc2ranks.com/c/9257/atl-progamers-list/

Otherwise, there’s also a list I manage of people playing @ UQAM or I know playing from Montreal : http://www.sc2ranks.com/c/3750/sc2-uqam/

And last but not least, a list of Communauté de sc2qc.com : http://www.sc2ranks.com/c/1421?name=sc2qc-com-community

BTW, few months ago, I made a blog for SC2UQAM accessible @ http://sc2mtl.blog.ca/ 😉


Sometimes, “old” song can be good with new singer ;-)

Just check this out!